The biggest mishaps in data protection, what you do not know yet

Password crash

In August 2016, it became known that the storage of personal data on the Internet had led to a significant loss of data. The provider, which makes external storage space available on the network, had already lost around 68 million passwords in 2012. Only half of this actually secret data was encrypted using the SHA1 method, which was classified as insecure in 2016.

A leak in the receiver

In 2008, one headline caused a particular stir: the Telekom wiretapping scandal. The German telephone provider was accused of spying on and wiretapping the connections of its own employees, supervisory board members and journalists.

The big ticket

In the northernmost German state of Schleswig Holstein, consumer protection uncovered a data leak. A CD containing customers' personal data went on an unknown journey in 2008. Information such as names, complete account numbers, telephone numbers and dates of birth became public. The mishap came to light when numerous customers complained about unwelcome calls.

Bella Italia, not only pasta and pizza

The personal soccer picture that customers can design themselves on the Internet is a great thing. But only as long as the data doesn't end up on the Internet. In spring 2018, user data and images were unintentionally made publicly available for days. When this glitch was noticed, the provider acted immediately and updated and secured the application without delay.

Top Secret in the USA

According to cnews, a hacker attack on the US Department of Justice caused the loss of highly classified data. The names, phone numbers and email addresses of 20,000 FBI employees and 10,000 Department of Homeland Security employees were mainly affected. The stolen information was published on the web.

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