Bird's eye view, what may drones

The world from above. Landscapes or buildings suddenly look completely different. Drones are little magicians. They let us share images that we probably wouldn't have seen so quickly without you. Whether in the private or commercial sector, drones are gaining more and more presence.

The construction industry, for example, now also enjoys these agile all-rounders. Control rounds or inspections of high buildings are quickly done. Scaffolding becomes overdue. The company saves a lot of time, which it can invest in further project planning.

Shooting the drone from people

Even in event photography or similar areas, people are delighted with the agile speedsters. But watch out: Photo and video recordings that are used exclusively for private purposes do not fall under the BDSG. However, if a drone is used for commercial purposes, the company must ensure that it does not violate any personal rights.

If people are recognizable or the camera takes pictures of private property where certain retreats can be seen, this violates the right of privacy. The right to one's own image applies here, just as it does with recordings made with another camera. Without the consent of the person concerned, no recordings of him or her may be made and published.

Sensitive areas

Drones are not allowed to fly over "sensitive areas" under any circumstances, such as military sites, airfields or police operation sites.

Absolutely taboo are also foreign apartments and especially recordings through windows and interiors. Filming in nature reserves should also be refrained from in any case. Landscapes outside the protected area may be recorded and published.

When taking pictures with drones, you should be well informed about which areas or pictures are allowed. The maximum flight altitude for drones is limited to 100 meters above the ground. On the page of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure http://( you can always find out about obligations and prohibitions on drone operation.

There you will find numerous rules of conduct that must be observed.

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