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Experience the most advanced protection against phishing attacks and secure your email communication. Our user-friendly protection requires no prior IT knowledge. Protect your data and increase the security of your digital communication. Find out more about our effective phishing protection and how you can protect your emails from threats.

Our phishing detection service analyzes incoming emails and helps you identify potentially dangerous messages. In the image you can see an example of a report showing that the email that was forwarded was classified as legitimate. The email only had to be sent for analysis to

[email protected]


are forwarded. Just 10 to 20 minutes later, you receive a report stating whether it is phishing or not and the reasons why.


After the analysis, we delete your e-mail to ensure data protection. This service is free of charge and is provided by DATUREX GmbH to ensure greater security for everyone. We also refer you to the conclusion of our free Art. 28 GDPR contract. This contract must be concluded before the phishing service is used and is a prerequisite for organizations that do not yet have such a contract with us in order to guarantee this type of data processing in a legally secure manner.

The AI that analyzes the emails is run locally by us. No other subcontractors are involved in this processing chain, so we can ensure that this data is processed exclusively by us.

How we reliably recognize phishing:

Checking attachments for viruses

All attachments sent are checked for malware using modern virus scanners.

    Email content analysis using your own A.I

    We use our own A.I. on our servers to analyze the content of the email, including spelling mistakes, hidden links, etc.

    Final report by means of K.I

    We use our specialized A.I. to examine the scan results and make a final assessment of the email's security.


    Domain verification


    Domains that are only a few days old are generally considered less trustworthy. No criminal domain stays online for long periods of time.


    We check whether the domain belongs to the organization from which the e-mail is to be sent.


    Is the domain trustworthy?

    Phishing database

    Comparison with daily updated phishing databases

    Hosting Provider

    Is it a hosting provider that is known to host criminal websites?

    Region of origin

    Is the domain located in a country with a high cybercrime rate?

    What happens to my data

    The use of local artificial intelligence enables us to achieve the best results and maximum data protection. Your data is processed exclusively on our own servers in Germany.

    Test immediately free of charge

    Simply forward an email to: [email protected]


    And the analysis is started.
    You will then receive the result by e-mail.


    In order to create a legal basis with us for this processing, you will find here the Data processing agreement in accordance with Article 28 GDPR.

    Product preview

    Screenshots of the phishing detection

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