Data Protection Officer

You can appoint us as your data protection officer and thus fulfill your legal obligation.


We review the implementation of existing data protection requirements and conduct an ongoing TARGET/ACTUAL analysis. In addition, we review your data protection strategies and commissioned data processing.


Monitoring compliance with the GDPR and other data protection regulations.

Training and awareness

Sensitization and training of employees in all data protection issues.


Reporting data protection breaches to the supervisory authority. We offer a 24-hour emergency number for data protection mishaps.


We are the point of contact for all data subjects. We offer an inquiry and complaint management for all matters of the supervisory authority and for data subjects.

Data protection consulting

We provide comprehensive advice in the area of data protection and information security.


The GDPR expands the obligations of companies with regard to the processing of personal data. For example, a large number of new documentation requirements and verification obligations have been added, which we support you with.

Directory of processing activities (Art. 30 DSGVO)

We will work with you to create the register of processing activities. The most important documents include the Directory the processing activities (Art. 30 GDPR) and the Description of the Processing Processes such as the processes for deleting data or the notification process in the event of a data breach.

Directory of processing activities by way of example:

- Candidate management
- Controlling
- E-mail
- Purchasing
- Facility Management
- Financial accounting
- Fleet management
- Collection
- Website
- IT
- Contact management
- Payroll accounting
- Marketing
- Personnel HR
- Production
- Project administration
- Audit / Compliance
- Appointment management
- Sales and distribution
- Management
- Video surveillance
- Time recording

Risk assessment

We conduct risk analyses and assessments of all processes in your company that are related to the processing of personal data. If a high risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects arises from the nature, scope, circumstances and purposes of the data processing, the controller or the appointed data processor is obliged to conduct a data protection impact assessment (Art. 35 GDPR).

Contracts & Templates

We bring everything with us. From technical and organizational measures, to contracts and obligations, we individualize everything to your company / institution.

Data protection audit

We audit and certify your existing data protection implementations in your company / institution.

Data protection audit

We audit your existing data protection management system and point out any deviations. An audit becomes necessary, for example, when it is to be checked whether the appointment of a data protection officer is necessary.

IT security audit

We check the security of the processing of your information technology (IT) supported processes as part of an IT security audit. We conduct risk and vulnerability analyses of the IT systems as well as the computer programs used and check whether the respective protection requirements are met.

Code Audit

As a programmer, we offer you the opportunity to audit existing software developments. A code audit is a comprehensive analysis of the source code in a programming project with the intention of discovering errors, security breaches or violations of programming conventions and the specifications of data protection.

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