SME backup consulting - 1 hour


Our Professional online SME backup consulting offers you support for all your backup issues. By booking our online service, you get access to our experts for 1 hour, no matter where you are. This offer is intended for both organizations and private customers. You have the option of booking a longer consultation period by adding the hourly package to your shopping cart several times. This allows you to take advantage of more comprehensive and longer-term advice.



As experts in data backup solutions, the DATUREX GmbH helps small and medium-sized companies to protect their valuable data efficiently and reliably. Our comprehensive SME backup consulting simplifies the conceptualization of backup, recovery, data replication, disaster recovery planning and archiving.

By booking our online service, you get access to our experts for 1 hour, no matter where you are.

With our comprehensive Business continuity consultingdata protection strategies and data security services, you can protect your data seamlessly - from the edge to the core to the cloud. Whether you are looking for backup infrastructure design, cloud backup solutions, local backup systems or managed backup services - DATUREX GmbH can provide you with the perfect advice for your company.

Key points:

  • Comprehensive SME backup consulting
  • Simplified backup processes as well as recovery, replication and archiving
  • Protecting data from the edge to the cloud with customized services
  • Advice on business continuity, data protection and security strategies
  • Solutions for cloud backups, local systems and managed services

Protect your data with our customized solutions and benefit from faster backup and recovery, lower costs and easier management. Our experts are on hand to help you develop and implement the optimal backup strategy for your business. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and find out how the DATUREX GmbH can help you fulfill your data backup requirements.

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