Data protection basics - training



Data protection basics - training

Our data protection basics training is specially designed to sensitize your employees to data protection. In this course, participants learn about and understand the key data protection regulations.

Content of the training

  1. Basics of data protection
  2. Duties and responsibilities of the controller
  3. Rights of the data subjects
  4. Data protection documentation and its importance
  5. Collection of personal data: What needs to be considered?
  6. Disclosure and transfer of personal data: Regulations and best practices
  7. Declaration of consent: requirements and implementation
  8. IT security and data security: protective measures
  9. Reporting chain for data protection breaches: steps and responsibilities
  10. Sanctions for breaches of data protection: what are the threats?

Our training is aimed at all employees who come into contact with personal data in the course of their work. Benefit from practical examples and up-to-date information to expand your knowledge of data protection and keep it up to date.

Why our data protection training?

  • Comprehensive knowledge: Communication of all relevant data protection principles.
  • Practical: Realistic examples and case studies.
  • Current: Always up to date with the latest legal regulations.
  • Interactive: Questions and exchange with experts possible.

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