Vulnerabilities scan

Scan directly online without waiting time your web address or IP address for vulnerabilities with our vulnerability scanner. Clarify a variety of security issues such as:

  • How secure is my online store?
  • How secure is my website?
  • How secure is my mail server?
  • How secure is my home office when viewed from the Internet?
  • How secure is my VPN server?
  • How secure is my company when viewed from the Internet?
  • How secure is our online tool?
  • How secure is our cloud service?
  • and many other questions can be clarified with our vulnerability scan.

Our vulnerability scanner uses the powerful OpenVAS Framework. OpenVAS is recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

Get ahead of potential attackers by identifying and closing your vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers.

Independently verify your IT implementations through our scanner.

Especially IT infrastructure like websites or web applications and mail servers that need to be accessible from the Internet are highly vulnerable to security vulnerabilities, therefore it is essential to perform a regular vulnerability scan on such exposed IT infrastructure.

You warrant that the target to be scanned, e.g. server on the Internet or website on the Internet, belongs to you and that you may and want to scan this target. The scan must not be used as a preparatory act for hacking or other criminal acts.


At a glance

  •  Without the own Vulnerabilities at know there can be no security.
  • Attackers prefer easy targets. With the help of a scan, they immediately recognize whether you are such a target. With the help of constantly updated databases with over 50,000 registered vulnerabilities, your system is scanned for known vulnerabilities.
  • Many vulnerabilities are easy to fixbut you have to find them first. One of the most exploited vulnerabilities is, for example, non-updated software or default configurations such as publicly known preset passwords.
  • Inexpensive and simple. For a small fee you can get a complete scan report. The only thing you need to do is enter your website or IP address.
  • Widely used and proven. German authorities use the same software to scan their systems for vulnerabilities.

Info about the procedure

With the purchase of this product, you will receive a one-time use voucher code to automatically scan a target on the Internet for vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities found are sorted by threat level and presented in readable English.

After purchasing the code you will receive an email with a link to the scanner. There you enter the target to scan and start the scan.

You will receive another notification email with a link to a results page once the scan is complete.