Acting correctly in the event of data breaches

How to prevent data breaches!

The loss of sensitive information from customers, business partners or even employees can cost the company dearly. If you think that only fines come into consideration, you are mistaken. A data breach can rarely be concealed and, in addition to high fines, can mean a serious loss of image.

What is a data breach

According to Art- 4 GDPR, a data breach occurs when there is a personal data breach. This includes the loss, destruction and unauthorized public disclosure of the information.

Correct behavior

You are required to report a data breach immediately. Within 72 hours after becoming aware of it. The necessary information, such as the cause and time of the incident and names, must be provided to the responsible supervisory authority. This also includes the contact details of the data protection officer, the number of data subjects or an indication of the possible consequences.

Proper documentation

Once it has happened, you should prepare a comprehensive report in addition to the report to the responsible supervisory authority. This should record who reported and when, what security measures were taken or what reports were made and where.

On the safe side

Handling data of any kind can cause a lot of confusion. Data mishaps can happen at any time and on any scale. From that moment on, it's all about doing the right thing. Not everyone knows the exact regulations. Don't deal with it only when the disaster is in full swing, but inform yourself about the consequences of a data loss already now. It is advisable in all respects to consult an expert, reliable and licensed data protection officer. This saves time, nerves and ultimately a lot of money.

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