Data Depot Auto, how you reveal personal information unnoticed.

For many of us, the car is more than just a way to get from A to B. It's a way of life. We put up with long commutes every day and spend more than two hours in our favorite mode of transportation. Our data also accompanies us every day.

No thought of data loss

If you take a look inside parked cars, you realize how carelessly we handle data that is worth protecting. Cash register receipts, referral slips, prescriptions in the center console, bank statements, patient files or even important contract documents on the back seat. Yes, even the notebook, with important data from the last customer appointment, reveals a lot of secret information. If you walk for 10 minutes through a random parking lot with more than 20 cars, you will find a lot of sensitive data.

Please do not leave

How each individual defines the term order is up to him. Nevertheless, more attention should be paid to company cars or vehicles used for business purposes. After all, sensitive, personal (customer) data does not belong in the vehicle for public display. Thanks to smartphones and the like, information can be photographed in a flash. Once the data is in circulation, there is not much you can do.

Rivalry is not uncommon

Whether the data is now misused or a not well-meaning fellow rider makes a report to the responsible supervisory authority, no one can now prevent it.

In competition with each other, this violation is a found gold treasure. Watching a colleague or fellow competitor go down would certainly be reason enough to shoot that one photo and report it. The rest will take care of itself.

Nobody does that...

Think. Hundreds of breach reports are received by the authorities every day. The more sensitive the data, the more attention the breach receives. By now, we all know what the consequences are.

So when you leave your vehicle, better check twice if and which data you leave behind.

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