Privacy and security

At best, the start of the new week is stress-free and without further incidents. In the best case...

But there are also days that do not start optimally. You drive to the company premises in the morning, park your vehicle and walk the same way to your office as every day. Nothing unusual. But when you reach the office door, you realize that your key is overdue today. Broken windows and a rock suggest bad things. You call the police. When they finally arrive on the scene, the officers begin searching for clues. Thousands of thoughts run through your head... You will definitely not forget this working day.

When the investigation is complete, you are finally allowed into the building. You discover that the burglars have left behind an indescribable mess. Instead of posting invoices and filling out quotes, you will now clean up and try to get through the rest of the day reasonably stress-free. However, as you sort, you discover that some documents are missing. Binders with confidential customer and employee data, invoices and bank statements. Personal data of you, your colleagues, your customers and business partners. The nightmare for anyone concerned about data protection.

Data protection from theft

No one is safe from burglary and theft. However, we can do a lot to take certain precautionary measures. Especially in the area of sensitive data, this precaution is particularly important.

What measures take

Since theft can also occur via the IT area, security precautions must also be taken there. These can be password locks, access authorizations, system and network protocols, encryption systems and the backup of data on external hard drives. Especially in the world of digital data, everyone should take as many protective measures as possible. To keep personal and particularly sensitive data well secured, it is important to keep doors and windows locked at all times after hours. External blinds or grilles may keep burglars out. Even before the culprits open them, the motion detector is activated, the alarm system sounds and security personnel appear. However, if someone does gain unauthorized access to the company's premises, all relevant files, documents or card indexes should be stored in lockable cabinets designed for this purpose.

A wide range of options is offered in the security area.


Tip: No matter which anti-theft device you choose, keep in mind that in addition to money and special goods, sensitive data must also be protected. Even a simple motion detector or a video camera can ward off possible robbers from the outset.

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