Do you need an external data protection officer?

Find out!

 Checklist data protection                                                                                                             

  • Do you work with personal data?
  • Are more than nine people constantly involved in the processing of personal data?
  • Do you work with particularly sensitive data?
  • Do you transmit to third parties?
  • Are customers and employees consistently informed about the nature and purpose of data use?
  • Have these individuals signed the appropriate verification?
  • Is it possible to inspect files (tidy archive)?
  • Are deletion and retention periods observed?
  • Are all IT applications sufficiently and comprehensively protected?
  • Are there special access rights for supervisors and employees?
  • Is there a concept with passwords and access rights?
  • How are data breaches and losses reported?
  • Are data carriers/files/documents containing personal data stored securely?
  • Are employees adequately trained?
  • Have they consented to the use of your data?
  • Do you already have an internal data protection officer?
  • Is this person knowledgeable and can answer questions about the GDPR completely and quickly?
  • Is the implementation of the new regulations in the company regularly monitored?
  • Have there been any data protection mishaps before?

This checklist provides some information that should be relevant to you as a business owner.

If you have given little or no thought to the topic of data protection, you should start now.

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