My data is gone! How to counteract data theft 

Once it is done, it cannot be undone. The data is gone. It cannot be stressed enough that personal data must be handled as carefully as possible. The theft of data, can happen anytime, anywhere. It can never be ruled out. For this reason, one should be careful and disclose only the most necessary data.

Maintain and check accounts, profiles, computer and cell phone

Protect all accounts, email accounts, profiles and IT systems with different passwords. These should be changed regularly. The child's date of birth or the cat's name may be easy to remember, but they can also be cracked quickly. A password should consist of different numbers, characters and letters.

Addresses and other data

You should only provide your personal address or telephone number if this is absolutely necessary. Also, check if it is a reputable company and has been around for a while. Take a look at customer reviews.


If it happened anyway and you notice a data loss, you need to react calmly but quickly. Change all passwords of your accounts, block the corresponding accounts or profiles, and watch for any activity.


"Because that is just the quality of true attention,
That at the moment it makes nothingness everything."

Johann Wolfang von Goethe

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