Data protection in WEG management

A community of owners has its advantages, you regularly discuss current events with other apartment owners or find solutions together. This happens in the entrance of the building, on the laundry area or in an owners' meeting.

The owners meeting

At certain intervals, the meeting of all owners takes place. Of course, this meeting does not take place without the competent administration. This supports the apartment owners commercially, technically and legally.

Since not all properties are owner-occupied, but also rented out, all kinds of personal data come together. Tenants provide information about their name, date of birth, occupation, marital status, etc. when they start renting. Over time, the management and the owner receive further sensitive data and information.

In order to make certain decisions or to discuss problems, we talk openly with each other. Thus, each of the participants learns that tenant XY has been in arrears for 3 months, is always visited by a nice lady, or tenant ZZ cannot get his noisy children under control. Settlements and other documents may be viewed. But is that okay in terms of data protection?

Tenant data in the administration

Now the question arises, what may be viewed and what not.

Condominium owners may inspect statements of accounts of other owners. However, the receipts must be related to the property management. Only in this way can a review of the statement take place.

Data may be viewed if there is a legitimate interest based on a legal basis or if the tenant has given his consent. It is advisable to have the tenant sign a declaration of consent when moving in. The purpose must be clearly defined and should contain all necessary points.

 Not only the community of owners receives data

The personal data is processed and secured by various service providers. These companies and business relationships must comply with the requirements of the DSGV. A contract processing agreement or a confidentiality agreement is recommended here. Owners should also make sure that your data does not circulate undesirably and make the aforementioned arrangements with the property management. You, as owner or tenant, have the right to access your data at any time. You are entitled to revoke your consent or make changes at any time.

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