Application, but safe!

Application, that's where your data ends up!

The search for a suitable position requires a lot of patience. Once the right offer has been found, it's time to apply, but quickly! Because a famous saying goes "It is not little time that we have, but much time that we do not use" (Sokrades).

So get on the PC, type in the data, formulate the cover letter and go. Now you have to wait and see. After a while, you receive a sobering or gratifying answer. So far so good, but what happens to all the personal data?

Here, too, the protection of your personal data applies!

Disclosure and triage of applicant data

In addition to the employee responsible for personnel, the managing director, the works council and other persons are also consulted when the application documents are inspected. The data is checked and compared. Of course, all those involved are sworn to secrecy. Who is suitable and who is not. Nevertheless, even with applicant data, disclosure must be strictly limited. Employees who are not involved in the applicant process are not allowed to view the data.

Retention periods

Applicant data may be retained for the period during which the position has not yet been filled. After that, the company must destroy the data and all related information.

Except: the applicant agrees to the storage of his data.

Of course, a consent form is essential for the application process.

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