Data protection in practice - Kita - Training


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Data protection in practice - Kita - Training

Participants will learn what needs to be considered, especially in kindergarten, from a data protection perspective.


1. introduction
2. Personal data
3. Photography in the nursery
4. development documentation / portfolio
5. concept of confidentiality and secrecy
6. deletion of data
7. WhatsApp, Snapchat and co.
8. case studies
9. formulation proposals

Each practical training contains the data protection basics training, since the practical training builds on the basics training.

+ Data protection basics - training

The data protection basics training serves to increase employee awareness in terms of data protection. Participants learn the fundamentals of the relevant data protection regulations.


1. basics
2. duties of the person in charge
3. data subject rights
4. data protection documentation
5. collection of personal data
6. disclosure / transmission of personal data
7. declaration of consent
8. IT security and data security
9. reporting chain in case of violations
10. sanctions for violations

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1 year

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