Data protection and new customers

Since companies do not like to wait for customers, they gladly consider the possibility of new customer acquisition. Customers need to be excited about their own product or brand. For telephone professionals, this is child's play. Once the receiver is in hand, the potential clientele is quickly convinced and the appointment for personal on-site consultation is made. Especially in the B2B sector, countless questions arise. Since private customers have not been allowed to be called just like that for years, the situation is completely different in the business sector.


Cold calling - watch out!

Companies may inform other companies about their services and acquire new customers by telephone. In the best case, a declaration of consent is available. If this is not the case, you should carefully check whether the person you are calling might be interested at all. After all, potential business customers should show a presumed interest in our product or service. In this case, we may contact them by telephone without prior consent. There should also be a factual connection to the service or products.

According to the legal basis, the advertising company must show an objective interest in the company to be called on the basis of concrete circumstances.

The important thing is to weigh things up correctly and assess the situation, because

shows which measures can be taken and which cannot.


Example: If it is clear from the company's website that it could use support in the design of the website or in the IT area, the IT company can make contact by telephone. The reasoning could be that an error-free, up-to-date and clear website means more success for the company and thus also brings more customers. The other party then still has the option of declining this on the phone.

Tip: Cold calling should be well thought out.

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