"Please take a seat" - chatting behind the curtain

Perhaps one or the other knows it. Even in rural areas physiotherapists or beauticians offer their diverse services. From back massage, anti-stress treatment and foot aroma bath, everything is there. The offer is large and the dates are fast assigned. Then it's time to take the first appointment and be on the spot at the agreed time. "Please take a seat" and the treatment starts.

Get to know

Now, however, they spend a lot of time together and one or the other interesting conversation takes its course. They talk about the last sports festival and about the elderly lady next door. But the conversations are also filled with very private information and details. The person treating the patient quickly becomes a comforter. Of course, one feels much more comfortable in a friendly atmosphere and is happy to come back. But what if others in the vicinity have picked up one or the other word? Perhaps they will pass it on.



Depending on the nature of the practice or studio, it happens that treatments in one are separated by curtains, Roman blinds or other decorative room dividers. The person next door cannot see us, but can definitely hear us. This can be very unpleasant. Imagine you vent your anger about your colleague and after the treatment you realize that she was present right next to you. The situation is very unpleasant for both of you. Of course you like your colleague, it's just that today was a stressful day when everything was too much anyway. But how do you make your colleague feel better? Even worse, the colleague is the sister of your physiotherapist.

Room separation advantageous

Since many of the studios and practices still have to retrofit, data protection should nevertheless be very scrupulously observed. Of course, you can disclose private things yourself when, where and how often you want. Private is private. But if the boundary of private life is crossed and you are no longer sure whether it does spill over into your professional life, you should be a little more careful with one or two thoughts. Of course, you can talk about many things, but some things are better kept to yourself.

Confidentiality yes or no

Beauticians, hairdressers or other activities in these industries are not subject to confidentiality. Thus, one should think carefully about what personal data each individual discloses.

In contrast, physiotherapists, speech therapists or occupational therapists are subject to the obligation of silence. They belong to the medical professions and, like doctors, pharmacists and nursing staff, are legally obliged to keep patient data to themselves.

"Discretion is the art of divulging secrets in such a way that the seal of secrecy is not violated."
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