Please stay on the line

We know this sentence. A friendly voice on the phone tells us that we don't have to wait much longer. Soon we will be next. We put the phone aside and turn on the speaker. Even before the background music hums into the speaker, we hear a tape announcement. Our data will be stored for the next two years after this call. With this call, we agree.

That's a long time. All we really need is a short piece of information from the customer center. Why does this company want to store our personal data for two years?

Do I have to agree?

The fact is, the other party may only collect our personal data with our consent. If the consent is not given, the company may neither store nor process our personal data.

If we do not agree with the recording of the data or even request deletion of the confidential information, this must be done.

Of course, the person at the other end of the line must inform us sufficiently. And that already at the very beginning and especially for what purpose.


Do I have a right to the recording of the conversation?

Many hotlines indicate a recording of the call for training purposes. We may decide for ourselves to what extent we want this or not.

If a recording has been made in a telephone conversation, we have the right to listen to it and request it. Recordings belong in any case to the storage options of our personal data. Which must also be deleted later with all other data.

When will my data be deleted

For the purpose of fulfilling the contract, the company requires your data and may store it after informing you about it. If all contract-related services have been rendered, the data must be deleted. There is no reason for further storage. However, if warranty or guarantee claims exist (movable goods), the data may be deleted after two years. In the case of claims for damages, compensation or claims arising from rental and lease relationships, three years apply. The retention periods of the German Fiscal Code (Abgabenordnung), the German Turnover Tax Act (UStG) and the German Commercial Code (HGB) must also be observed. It always depends on the purpose for which your data is required. This determines the duration of storage.

Under no circumstances may the company keep your data without reason. In that case, you can request immediate deletion and proof of it at any time.

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