Dispose of documents

Everyone knows that, the mailbox is almost overflowing. When sorting the mail, we always find letters advertising a product, a service or various newsletters. Regardless of whether we want them, have ever given our consent to them or simply forgotten to unsubscribe, it can happen that such letters end up unopened in the paper bin from time to time. But what happens there with our data, i.e. our name and address?

Commercial or private, our personal data can be found in every letter. Unless the letter does not contain an address and has, for example, an inscription "To all households".

Disposal in the paper garbage can

It happens quickly, the letter ends up in the garbage can between more advertising and boxes. Out of sight, out of mind, what should happen with it.

If one wishes to dispose of commercial letters in waste paper, they may not exceed the quantity of the household-standard private quantity. For larger piles, a separate disposal company must be appointed for each municipality or federal state. In addition to this and other regulations, it is equally important not to forget that the garbage cans are placed outside for collection. Since most paper garbage cans are located on or next to publicly accessible areas, any access to the disposed data is a breeze.

Personal data please not in the garbage can

What you throw in the garbage can and what not, you decide. Nevertheless, letters, records, receipts and other documents are better disposed of elsewhere. Every address counts as personal data. Not to mention other information. Even if it is only an advertising letter for ballpoint pens, you should dispose of it separately. If you are not currently interested in various offers, you should run the letter through the shredder or tear it up beyond recognition. Even advertising letters contain data such as names, addresses and customer numbers. This information is sufficient to find out more about the person or to order in someone else's name.

Tip: Shredding is better than simply throwing it in the trash.


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