Family life in public, danger for your children

Does that sound familiar?

You're sitting comfortably on the couch on a Sunday night, clicking through your phone, and countless status pictures flood you. Almost every status message shows us a different picture. The neighbor's three-year-old daughter eating ice cream or grandma picking flowers with her grandson.

A little privacy

Of course, the people in question are immensely proud of their offspring. Nevertheless, one should not lose sight of privacy. Everyone knows that what is once on the net is difficult to delete again.

Apps, media and co.

If photos are taken for private use within a close circle of relatives, the Federal Data Protection Act of course not to the application. However, anyone who contributes content to Facebook, WhatsApp or other sites should be aware that private images can quickly become public images.

By liking or sharing, private information can quickly get into the hands of third parties. This information can still be found on the Internet after many years.

If you think deleting an image will prevent further inconvenience, you are wrong. Because one thing is fact, images can be downloaded or photographed in a short time.

The private environment is mostly free of legal criteria. Nevertheless, the next time you upload a photo, you should carefully consider whether it is absolutely necessary. Are the moments with our loved ones intended for the Internet and thus also for the public or mainly for our hearts and memories. But maybe also for the good old photo album to turn the pages.


Why not get creative and conjure up picture frames, photo albums or photo boxes from a wide variety of natural materials. Take the same the afternoon off and drive or go with your family into the countryside. So you are sure to find enough beautiful backdrops and suitable materials for pictures and a subsequent craft.

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