The invisible data of the identity card

Data protection and identity card at the gas station

The car is filled up, the customers in the gas station are standing in line and the price of gasoline is in the cellar. When it's finally your turn, you give the cashier your card to pay. After several attempts, the process is repeatedly canceled. Since you don't have any cash on you, the cashier asks you to leave your ID card as a deposit and to come back later with cash.

May you withhold the identity card?

This question can be answered with a clear no. Since 2010 there is a legal regulation that it is not allowed to keep the identity card as a pledge. Previously, the document was often used as a pledge until outstanding debts were settled or borrowed items were returned.

Many invisible data

In addition, the new ID card contains significantly more electronic data than its predecessor. If it is lost or falls into the hands of third parties, important personal information can get into circulation without authorization. Since the law clearly states that you may not hand in your ID card or leave it as a deposit, it should remain well protected in your pocket. If an unpleasant situation does arise, you can point out the current legal situation to the vendor and suggest a different solution.

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