Where is my mail?

Finally! You have all the necessary documents for the appointment in two weeks. Your business partner has asked you to send him the most important documents in advance, in preparation for the appointment. Put the stamp on it and send it to the post office.

A week later, you learn that your business partner has not received any documents.

Check address errors

It is of course always advantageous to send a letter with important documents by registered mail or against receipt. You have insured your freight this case, but the risk for a loss of these items still exists.

Check your receipt to see if the address is spelled correctly. If you keep a post book, you can search for errors in it. You can also check online using your shipment number to see which shipping status was currently noted.

All data correct, delivery still not made

All data are correct, but the letter is untraceable?

Ask the deliverer directly. If your shipment is lost or damaged, you are entitled to compensation. Deutsche Post, for example, will assume liability up to the amount of the proven value of the contents sent. Please ask directly for more information.

And the confidential data?

Unfortunately, no one can compensate you for the loss of the lost data. Everyone knows that personal data can be worth more than material data.

Strictly confidential documents usually contain very sensitive personal data, which are intended only for certain eyes.

If this data falls into the wrong hands, it can have serious consequences. For example, in the event of data loss, the company could face high fines, damage to its image, claims for damages or imprisonment.

Data breach yes, but who breached?

As soon as personal data is lost, this must be reported immediately (within 72 hours) to the competent data protection officer or directly to the competent supervisory authority (Art. 33 GDPR). Likewise, the person concerned should be informed of the loss if a high risk to your rights or freedoms is to be expected. (§42a BDSG/Art.34 DSGVO)

Our Tip:

  • Check if and how much sensitive data has been lost.
  • Report the loss to the post office, perhaps the address was mixed up during sorting and the shipment turns up again
  • Discuss further procedures immediately with your data protection officer or seek legal advice
  • If necessary, report the data loss to the relevant supervisory authority and the person concerned within 72 hours