Mail processing and mail book, the difference

A mail book provides a better overview of incoming and outgoing mail. The most important data is quickly recorded and can be checked at a later date. If there are discrepancies in the dispatch, we can use this overview to check who sent the letter, when and to whom. In most companies, the mail book is kept by an employee at the reception desk or the secretary's office. The letters are sorted by type and date, opened and assigned to the recipient.

One thing is for sure, the person who opens and sorts the letter gets a glimpse of invoices and other business letters. Thus, confidential data travels through several hands and can quickly get lost or forgotten on one or the other desk.

Recommend a digital mail book

A digital mail book is probably the more effective option compared to the paper form. Processing times are reduced, it can be found more quickly, and the quality and the ability to provide information are more accurate. Paper consumption is reduced because hardly any copies are needed. Digital mail can be forwarded directly to the personal e-mail address without it coming into the field of vision of other people.

Archiving made easy

Business letters, commercial letters and receipts, like many other documents, must be stored for at least six years in accordance with the German Fiscal Code (§147 / §140 AO). Thus, filed documents should be stored neatly and cleanly in the archive. If the incoming mail takes place in digital form, archiving offers more transparency for later searches, is clearer and requires considerably less space.

Of course, data protection also finds favor with the digital variant. Documents are better secured on external data carriers and protected by passwords. Only authorized persons have access. In an emergency, data carriers can be brought to safety more quickly.


Consider which is the better option for your business. But a digital mailbook can be quickly accessed by authorized people, at any location, and saves a lot of time and space overall. Personal data is more secure with passwords and dedicated email addresses. The risk of multiple people reading along is much lower. There are many reasons why digital mail management is more efficient. But one thing is for sure, you save time and nerves.

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