AI tools such as ChatGPT are not only useful for private individuals, but also for companies. However, integrating them into everyday business life also entails all kinds of compliance and data protection risks. You can find out everything you need to know here.

What are the advantages of AI tools like ChatGPT?

There are now a large number of AI tools that can simplify processes in different ways. The best known is probably the ChatGPT tool trained by Open AI. This is an AI tool that has been trained with a very large amount of data. As a result, its answers are very diverse and it can be useful in many areas. ChatGPT is structured in such a way that it processes and generates texts based on user input. It also collects and processes large amounts of personal and sensitive data.

Legal problems

Due to the sheer volume of data processed by ChatGPT and other AI tools, there are obvious concerns in the area of data security. Especially when companies use the AI tool to simplify processes, there is a risk that it will process large amounts of personal data. There is a risk of data breaches or other security problems.

At the same time, there are also concerns that tools such as ChatGPT can be used by cyber criminals to launch attacks. They could exploit the fact that the tool is not programmed to check the dissemination of false information.

In addition, text-generating AI tools can always lead to problems with copyright. The ChatGPT tool in particular is known for its ability to write extensive texts on various topics. To do this, the tool had to be trained with a large number of text documents. These documents come from various sources. The tool has no way of incorporating new information. If text results are taken from the tool, they may contain plagiarism. This has legal consequences for the use of the output texts.

The right way to use ChatGPT

AI tools such as ChatGPT offer many advantages and make some work steps in the company easier or faster. Not all of the effects that ChatGPT will have on the world of work are yet fully foreseeable. However, it is already clear that companies need to carefully consider potential compliance issues and legal implications.

As a company, particular care should be taken not to enter any personal data in Ki-Tools. The texts issued should always be checked for accuracy and possible plagiarism. In addition, the texts should always be proofread to check for sensitive issues such as discrimination.

If you know how to use them correctly and take sensible security measures, tools such as ChatGPT can also be a valuable tool in day-to-day business. Work with tools such as ChatGPT should always be carried out by trained and sensitized employees.

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