Is one required to sign a consent form?

They are not becoming less, but rather more. Our consents to the use of our personal data.

We get these notes everywhere and everyone wants to be on the safe side. Because anyone who wants to process our sensitive data needs our consent.

No one is forced

Your consent voluntarily, otherwise it is not effective at all! If we are put under pressure, for example, we as customers do not receive any service unless we agree to the processing of our data, this is not legal. An example of this: a seller may not demand consent from us if he will not enter our data into his customer database. Not even if he does not absolutely need them. He does not have to call us when the ordered goods are there. We can also ask for it ourselves. Surely this way is more time-consuming for both sides, but still feasible.

If we do give consent, it is necessary to be informed sufficiently and understandably about the purpose(s). We need to know what happens to our data. And, of course, what it will be used for. Another important criterion is our sanity. If we are not capable of giving our consent or have not yet reached the age of 16, our signature to the use of our data is also void here.


Very important: If our personal data are processed and we have given our consent, we may revoke this consent at any time. In addition, we can act verbally or in writing, yet the written variant is probably considered the safest in the proof.

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