Data protection in kindergarten, protecting your children

Getting a place in the flu or kindergarten is almost like winning the lottery in many regions. Once the coveted accommodation is finally available, all you have to do is fill out a few forms.

What data is needed?

When registering, provide information about your name, address, telephone number, name of the child and other authorized persons. Information on various vaccinations and the contact details of the family doctor are also required.

Deletion of the stored data

If the child leaves the kindergarten, either by moving, starting school or for any other reason, all stored personal data must be deleted immediately. In the case of ongoing administrative activities or legal proceedings, the data cannot yet be deleted immediately. Proper storage and later destruction is mandatory in this case.

Video and photo shooting, what to consider

Laughing children play, the sun shines and the colors of the self-made pennants make the photo shine. Kindergarten parties, outings and other activities represent best opportunities for photos and videos. Attention. Photographs of children that are intended for publication, whether for souvenir folders or advertising for the kindergarten, must be agreed upon with the parents. In the best case, written consent should be obtained if this is not yet available in the childcare contract.

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