A feast for your data

They are in full swing, festivals, folk festivals, fairs, garden shows and soon the wine festivals. Summer is a beautiful time, isn't it? But also for your data?

Every organizer wants to promote the most beautiful party. Of course, photos are the best way to make exactly this party look good. Exuberant, good-humored guests are probably the most popular motif, along with the ride and live band.

After the event, you can marvel at all the pictures in all their glory and save them as a souvenir. Of course, every now and then you'll find yourself dancing with your neighbor or Aunt Sabine chatting with her friend. But what if you don't want to be in the picture at all?


Pay attention to notices at the entrance

If you discover an image of yourself on the Internet, you may write to the person responsible and demand that they remove it.

Everyone is allowed to decide for themselves whether they want to be photographed. This is their right and is part of their personal rights. Pictures of you may only be published with your declaration of consent. The manner in which you are photographed does not matter.

Art 7 of the GDPR describes the conditions for consent. So if you are organizing a party where photographs are taken and you intend to publish the images, you should be familiar with the conditions.

A suitable solution are notices at the entrance of the event.

If you are not sure what such a form should look like, you can always consult an expert data protection officer or a specialist in the relevant fields of law.

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