Customer ratings and data protection

The opinions of our customers and business partners are enormously important for our company. Good criticism as well as negative reviews let us move forward. We are happy about a positive feedback, because it confirms our expertise and a polite way of dealing with customers. But even a negative comment can have a positive effect. Because it is precisely from these that we learn our weak points and can react.

Reviews anonymous please

Most customers search for services and goods on the Internet. Since everyone can also rate a company there, this facilitates the appropriate selection. Thus, the respective business success results for the companies. Purchase decisions are therefore dependent on good ratings. But what to do if a customer is not satisfied and gives a negative rating? Of course, such feedback is to be questioned. Which services or goods have upset our customer, what can the company improve or even omit. But you should also check whether employees are directly addressed, for example, the name is used. If this happens in the public area, this evaluation should be removed immediately. Because here too, personal data such as names must be protected.

If employee XY was not particularly unfriendly and the purchase failed because of this, this is of course not pleasant. If his name is now mentioned in the rating, this can have lasting consequences. Because one thing is fact, the Internet forgets nothing.

Small annoyances can have far-reaching consequences for employee XY in the long term.

So it's important to note that evaluations are incredibly important for the success of our company, but you should always check whether they are anonymous or whether one or the other employee is mentioned in the text out of frustration.

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