It is estimated that an average Internet user has over 70 accounts that can only be accessed via individual access data. Secure passwords need to be defined both at work and in the private sphere. Many people find this difficult, which means that the attack surface for hackers increases.

Learn how you can easily manage any credentials and increase your data security.

Password manager

A password manager is the first security wall to create. Such software assigns the most secure password possible to each of the accesses stored by the user. This makes most attacks more difficult. The advantage for the user is that he does not have to remember it himself. Instead, the password manager is simply called up via a master password.

Such software is initially device-bound, of course, but can be set up on multiple end devices of different types. Because of its simplicity, this solution is also well suited for use in the plant.

In addition to the password: two-factor authentication

A second security wall can be a so-called two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is used for additional security when logging in, which is otherwise usually only secured with a password and user name. In some cases, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is also used for this purpose.

For authentication via another factor besides password and user name, many providers of corresponding software rely on acceptance of a push notification from a corresponding app on the smartphone. Others also let the user receive a call in which he has to press a certain key as an additional factor. It is also possible to set up a hardware key as a second factor.

The fact that this is only one of many security measures, and that even this can be leveraged if the worst comes to the worst, is demonstrated by the recent Attacks by the hacker group Lapsus$ on 2FA services.

Which method is best in the area of two-factor authentication depends on the individual use case.

Emergency plan in case of password loss

For many people, locking themselves out digitally is a horror scenario. Even with the best security strategy, (human) errors can occur. These can lead to unsuccessful access to the account. For such cases (especially in companies), an emergency plan should be available as a "spare key".

You now have the feeling that you are behind in the area of data security? Our team of experts will be happy to help you reliably!

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